NXT Insurance is now Insurance Store USA
NXT Insurance is now Insurance Store USA
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Realizing your dream of having your own business feels INCREDIBLE, but the responsibility can be OVERWHELMING. No matter what type of business it is, if it is not insured properly, a mistake, lawsuit, or accident can cost you everything.

At The Insurance Store USA, our agents at will help you obtain the best coverage for your business and commercial property to cover unforeseen events like accidents, injuries to employees or customers, vandalism, theft, and natural disasters. Our expert commercial insurance agents will assist you in finding a plan that protects your commercial assets including vehicles, the building where you operate your business, employees, equipment, and tools. They will also locate the necessary resources to comply with any state insurance requirements.

If you need general liability insurance, commercial property insurance, compensation for injured workers, or commercial auto insurance you are in the right place. With seasoned and knowledgeable commercial agents and multiple plans to choose from, THE INSURANCE STORE USA can help you protect your business with the right coverage at the lowest cost.

The insurance companies we work with are classified as the most important commercial insurance providers in Florida. Our professional, bilingual agents specialize in several lines of commercial products to provide you with the best solutions to protect your business. Looking for commercial insurance in Florida? Let us save you hours of effort. Contact one of our representatives today to get the answers to all your questions.

An Insurance Store USA specialist will tell you what kind of commercial insurance policy you need to buy and help you better understand commercial insurance and the important role it plays in your business. Enter your information at our website and receive an online quote NOW!


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We provide our customers with the lowest cost insurance in a simple, easy process. Our expert agents will partner with you to guarantee a unique and efficient experience.

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